Odisha Silage

Why Odisha Silage?

Odisha Silage seeks to provide a long-term, one-stop solution to the problem of green fodder deficiency for the cattle. Corn silage stores the nutritional value of corn plants for a prolonged period of time and improves cattle productivity with the necessary protein, energy and the digestive capability of corn, keeping its initial properties intact. The world-class machinery that Odisha Silage uses has the capacity to produce 50, 000 metric tonnes of silage in a year. Odisha Silage has set up a target to provide adequate and nutritious fodder to 10, 000 commercial cows in a day for 365 days a year.

Our Infrastructure

  • High Quality Corn Silage with World-class harvesters
  • Efficient compactor baler for longer Silage storage life
  • Well-equipped Warehouse for Silage storage

Our Mission

  • Improve the Automation and productivity of Dairy Farmers
  • Provide them International quality silage
  • Ensure they make a profitable Dairy Farm

What Makes us Different?

  • High quality, affordable cattle feed in the market
  • Prepared from highly digestible hybrid corn
  • Improves animal health and increases milk output

Why Choose Us?

  • To increase the quality and quantity of cattle fodder.
  • To ensure better digestibility and health of the cows.
  • To increase milk production and decrease production cost.

Odisha Silage

What is Silage?

Silage is a fermented, highly digestible nutritious fodder for the cattle which can be compacted and stored for long term use.

  • Corn Silage is a 100% natural feed.
  • It is processed naturally from corn crops without any artificial production.
  • Our world-class machines harvest the crop ensuring the parameters are met.