Know How

Silage Production

The corn crop is harvested in the milking stage when it has the maximum amount of energy and protein required to check the PH level and the dry matter (DM) of the crop. Post harvesting of the crop, it is taken for compaction and bailing. Compaction eliminates oxygen from the plant by applying pressure on the harvested crop thereby making it suitable for bailing.

Bailing and Packaging

The machineries include Claas Jaguar which is one of the finest forage harvesters. It brings the crop inside, chops it and then, sends it to the crop processor to break the maize and grind it finely with the corn cracker. This enables the bacteria during fermentation to digest the maize.

We use the machine Orkel 850 to bail the harvested crop. The bacteria growing inside ferments it, turning the fodder into silage within 25-30 days with the desired properties required.

We use Inoculant to speed up fermentation and for preservation of the silage. The machine mixes up the Inoculant with the fodder and dumps the fodder in the trailer which takes it to the processing unit.