What Is Silage?

Silage is a fermented, highly digestible nutritious fodder for the cattle which can be compacted and stored for long term use.

  1. Corn Silage is a 100% natural feed.
  2. It is processed naturally from corn crops without any artificial production.
  3. Our world-class machines harvest the crop ensuring the parameters are met.

Why Silage?

A good fodder ensures good health of the cows and a higher profitability for the farmers which, in turn, results in increased milk yield benefiting the consumers. Thus, everyone becomes a stakeholder in it.

Our motto is to revolutionize dairy farming through our association with the farmers and provide them with a good return on investment wherein they get the benefits of both the milk and the cow dung that can be sold as manure during the dry season.

Odisha Silage incorporates the latest technology for producing a balanced cattle diet as well as for regularizing the reproduction cycle of cows. We believe corn silage is the future for hygienic dairy farming.

Nutrition profile of Silage?

Nutritions Percentage
Dry Matter (DM) 30-36%
Crude Protein (%DM) 6-9
ADF (%DM) 25-35
NDF (%DM) 35-50
Starch (%DM) 25-35
pH 3.7-4.2