Odisha Silage


Odisha Silage works with the objective to provide energy-rich cattle feed for good health and better milk yield of the cows as well as to regulate their reproductive cycle for sustainable development of dairy farmers.

Odish Silage

Odisha Cattle Population

Odisha has a cattle population of about 14 million (approximately 1.3 to 1.4 Crores) as per the government database. Out of these, the 2.5 to 3 million cross-breed cows, commercially used for their high production capabilities, require 55 to 70% green fodder, apart from concentrate fodder.

Green Fodder Deficit

Odisha has a green fodder deficit of 48% leading to increased volume of concentrate fodder. This imbalanced diet decreases cattle productivity and keeps dairy farmers at a loss with inadequate milk yield.

Odish Silage

Green Fodder Solutions

Corn silage is the most efficient way to move towards a balanced diet for the cattle and their overall health. Moreover, it has a higher shelf life with proper storing mechanisms available.

Our experiments and research proved that corn silage is an efficient cattle fodder and provides the best results in the long run as well. The aim was to produce silage which improves productivity and ensures profitability of farmers all round the year. Our production unit, situated in Nabarangpur, produces 50, 000 metric tonnes of corn silage for a total of six months with a gap of 3 months in between (Feb - March - April and Sept - Oct -Nov).

Odish Silage
100% Natural

High Protein

High Milk Yield

Balanced Cattle Diet