Odisha Silage


Odisha Silage employs the finest machineries in the world for harvesting, chopping, fermenting and preserving silage. We offer a range of services to our clients in the country and abroad

Odish Silage

Export Services

Odisha Silage exports silage to different dairy farms all over the country and abroad.

Transportation Services

As part of our export services, we have adequate transportation services for silage supply to far-off places

Odish Silage

Logistics and Machineries

Odisha Silage provides logistics and machineries support to the clients associated with Odisha Silage where need be. These include Ex-factory services where clients, who have their own transportation, can procure Silage from our factory.

Silage Distribution

Odisha Silage believes in grassroot association with farmers. Hence, we buy corn from the agricultural farmers. Our objective is to ensure an improvement in their economic condition and overall profitability. The products prepared by Odisha Silage are brought to the dairy farmers for their usage in enhancing the quality of cattle fodder and improving overall productivity of their farms.

Odish Silage
100% Natural

High Protein

High Milk Yield

Balanced Cattle Diet